Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10 years, 10 languages

Firstly, I was writing a huge post about it, explaining the details in long sentences... then I decided to make it clearer (and easier to traslate :P ).

What's that?
I am officializing my self-challenge of speaking 10 different languages until 2023. There are some additional rules (see below).

What are the chosen languages? (not necessarily in order)
- German;
- French;
- Russian;
- Persian;
- Hindi;
- Arabic;
- Japanese;
- Mandarin Chinese;
- Finnish;
- Turkish.
- Swahili;
- Hawaiian.

And what are the rules?
- As you can see above, none of those ten (or twelve) are constructed languages. That means Toki Pona, Esperanto, Quenya and the others won't count;
- Fluency, which is quite a subjetive word, is needed. This means, I should be able to survive using those languages with no aid of other, so I won't need to know too technical words, but I'll have to know grammar. (It's just the beggining of a much greater project, so, no worries about fluency);
- This is optional, but I'd really like to follow it: Portuguese and English won't count, as I was already fluent in them in the beginning of the year (when I decided to take the challenge).

Why those ten?
I read on a magazine an interview with a hyperpolyglot, who said that the most diffult languages to learn are the first ten. Following this, I've chosen languages from diferent braches of Proto-Indo-European and some from outside, trying to make it (the challenge, or "the first ten") as difficult as possible.

Well, I hope, by posting this, I force myself to study more and, also, I hope to inspire more people to do this :)
Create your own list and objectives and try it!

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