Saturday, June 14, 2014

Junger Adler - Tom Astor (English)

Young eagle
>> Tom Astor

Somewhere on the Horizon,
the time ahead,
begins the future.
Yesterday is past
and doesn't count anymore,
now you are a man.
As the young strong wolf
that follows the call of the wilderness,
it drags you out.
But never show false courage,
be alert!
Or someone will outdo you.

Fly, young eagle, out to freedom!
Look only ahead, never back!
Listen to your heart
and follow only the feelings!
I wish you a good luck!
Fly, young eagle, out to your life,
I can't stop you anymore.
Fly, young eagle,
you will experience a lot.
Stay always right and fair!

As in a flash went the time,
it's happening.
You don't need me anymore.
You leave the ideal world of the child times,
It's also hard for me.
When someone show you the teeth,
be also ready to the battle.
Do not tolerate everything.
But when you sometime
need someone
You know where I am.

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