Thursday, March 14, 2013

About this blog

The first idea for this blog was for me to practice all the languages I've learned so far (and the ones I'm currently learning) in order to keep them fresh in my head and someday reach the status of a hyperpolyglot.

Of course, this blog may also be useful for those who are in this road with me, looking for simple short texts to practice reading in a specific language. Said that, I'll accept comments with possible mistakes I made, in order to keep the texts always as correct as possible. In the future, I'm planning also to accept more contributors, but, for now, I'll just read the comments and try to fix mistakes and take new ideas and suggestions.

Ok, now about the content published here. The texts on this blog will be mostly from somewhere else (such as other language-learning sites, news, songs...), so that I'll post in the end their source. The corresponding posts in other languages will have been translated by myself (in order to train my writing), but they'll have the original sourse as well.

For now, that's it. More info updates to the future. Enjoy!

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